Oahu's Best Private Tour with Papa Al's 

"Heart of Hawaii Adventure".

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"Island Wisdom and Traveling Songs that will pull your heart strings and leave a lump in your throat and a tear of joy in your eyes."

Everybody wants a special taste of Hawaii, not just the run of the mill tourist thing.  If that's you, this tour is for you. 

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Come and spend time with Papa Al.  Touch the flavor of Hawaii, meet a real local person.  Sit on a beach and chat.  Explore secret spots.  Sing a few songs.  Awaken old memories and important dreams.  Take back something from Papa Al's book, "Stuff Nobody Told Me."

You can tailor your tour for a whole day, half day or evening.  Spend time on the beach or in the mountains.  Papa even sails.  Just enjoy the beauty of Hawaii or enjoy that something extra.

Papa Al will meet you at your Waikiki Hotel. You must provide the rental van or car for your tour..


Papa Al, BTAB, was born and raised in Hawaii and is a writer by trade, a small business owner, quit smoking facilitator and singer.  He has been editor of Pacific Business, the Kalihi Press, vice president of Aloha Airlines, and owner of Koo & Shiraki Consultants, Beaches 'N Creme Yogurt in Waikiki and Papa Al's Restaurant in Hanalei, Kauai.  Papa lives on his boat at the Ala Wai Harbor in Waikiki.  (BTAB -- Been There and Back)


Suggestion: Buy and read his book before you come to Hawaii.


Stuff cover


Stuff Nobody Told Me

"Stuff Nobody Told Me" is a great, simple book about living the good life.  Have you ever learned something later in life, something important to help you to be happy, and thought: I wonder why nobody ever told me that before?  This is a book to help you remember.  The 6 step plan, 4 great truths, the 81 step plan for those who say it can't be that simple: beliefs, exercise, diet, emotions, it's all there.  By local sailor, singer and philosopher Papa Al.  $12.95 plus $4 shipping Mail check to PO Box 90713, Honolulu, HI 96835 with your return address or buy a book when you meet Papa Al.


"I really enjoyedyour kind spirited approach.  It was refreshing and affirming of my journey."  Educator, Twin Falls, Idaho


"I know so many people who need to hear this.  My wife's best friend, she's always hurting.  It's ok, it's ok, I want to tell, but get up."  Businessman, Portland, Oregon


"It changed my life... for two days.  Then something came up.  But you covered that, the journey.  I'm still on track."  Carriage builder, Damariscotta, Maine


"People need four things to succeed, motivation, direction, energy, and creativity.  Stuff is about all four."  Businessman, Honolulu, Hawaii


"I can hear your voice when I read this.  It's soothing.  That alone encourages me to go on."  Ex-nun, Honolulu, Hawaii


Stuff is about a personal journey.  You can feel the starts and stops of the author, Papa Al.  The compassion.  The ideas come from a place of empathy, like I know, I understand, I've been there too.  Stuff is also about encouragement.  It's ok, it will get better.  It's about a six step plan to build happiness.  It covers diet, exercise, breathing, beliefs, patterns, dreaming, letting go, sharing, getting unstuck, personality, meditation, creativity, self talk, humor, work and love.  You'll be amazed at its brief, no nonsense approach to the subject of life.


Transportation provided from your Waikiki Hotel only.Visitor provides the car and Papa Al does the driving if necessary. There is a $75.00 fee if Papa Al provides the rental car.


Whole day       $285.00 (8 Hours)

Half day           $175.00 (4 Hours)

Evening            $195.00 (4 Hours)


Limited Space.... so make your reservations early. (There is only one Papa Al).

After you make your reservation we will send you back the confirmation numbers for this adventure package. 

key Click here to make your Reservation early. Your credit card is not charged until the day of the tour

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