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The Evening's Program.

Flower Lei Greeting and Cocktails Our evening begins with a traditional lei greeting & the tropical beverage of your choice. Our greeters will escort you to your seats. Photographers are available for souvenir photos, available at the end of the evening at no obligation to purchase. Feel free to stroll the grounds & "talk story" as local island crafts are demonstrated along the beach.

Imu Presentation Guests are welcome to gather around as we unearth the Kalua Pua'a (Roast Pork) from the traditional underground oven at the southern end of the lu'au grounds, where it has been cooking since early morning.

Pa'ina Ahi Ahi Your table will be escorted to your Hale A'i (Eating House) for a bountiful buffet. A variety of salads, fresh fruits, banana bread, chicken long rice (local-style noodles), Baked Mahi Mahi, "Pulehu" (grilled) chicken & ribs, Hawaiian specialties like Poke (marinated raw Ahi tuna) Lomi Lomi Salmon (salmon bits with tomatoes and onions) Haupia (coconut pudding), rice, sweet potatoes. Dessert and coffee.

Our program begins with the early migration of the Polynesians across the Pacific to the "new islands" of HawaIi. The opening dance Is the famous Ote'a, the festive drum dance of Tahiti. An opening "oh" (chant) and mele (song) greets you in the tradition of our kupuna (ancestors).

Kahiko - the Ancient Hula The ancient Hula was a way of communicating with the Gods. It is accompanied by chanting and traditional instruments, and is performed with the seriousness and respect of the ancient ways. We present a series of Hula that tell the story of Pele, the Fire Goddess, and her sister Hi'iaka, who traveled the islands in search of Pele's lover Lohiau.

Missionaries and the Merrie Monarch The arrival of the missionaries brought about many changes. The missionaries frowned upon the Hula and it was forced to be performed "underground", but in 1882 King David Kalakaua, the Merrie Monarc'h, requested that Hula be performed in public at his coronation ceremony. We present Hula depicting the missionary era as well as celebrating King Kalakaua.

Atiana - the Modern Hula The coming of immigrants and tourism to the islands had a great influence on Hula as well. The Portuguese brought a string instruments we call the ukulele, and Hollywood showed the world an exotic and glamorous view of the Islands. We present Hula reminiscent of a time when beachboys serenaded their wahine along the shore, and Hula dancers told stories through their graceful moves, subtle eyes and lovely hands.

Finale - Ori Tahiti To end our program we return to the Islands of Tahiti as our dancers perform individually, as they would at the Fete Celebration held there each July.


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