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Old Lahaina Luau - A celebration of aloha in the traditional Hawaiian style.

"The best luau you'll find on Maui." " . . . remarkable" Written in 1996.

THE BEST OF HAWAII - Jacelyn Fujii
"If you want to see the most genuine luau. . . this is it." Written in 1996.

The Old Lahaina has limited seating. All seats are reserved so. . . please make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Make your reservations as early as possible for the best seating.

The Old Lahiana Luau is in Lahiana Town about a fifty minute drive from the Kihei Coast. This luau does not have hotel shuttle service, fire dance or premium up front reserved seating. This is one of the most successful luaus on Maui. Unfortunately, some of the success has weakened the quality of the staff and the luau. Reviews are becoming mixed. One posting on Yahoo indicates a new trend for this luau.

"Bad choice Right from the wait in the parking lot the staff was pushy and rude. The food was average and the show was slow. Many people left before it was over. This was the worst Laua I've been to in Maui". by A Yahoo! User from California 01/12/05. 

"2006 rates are outrageous. Asking a family with two children under four years old  to pay around $62.00 per child is way out of our budget. Old Lahaina has turned into a rich man's luau". User from Bay Area, 09/4/05

If you are staying on the Kehei  Coast and you may want to save driving time to a luau, please consider the Wailea Sunset Luau... the food is fantastic and the show is produced by Tahati Productions. Click here for more information about the Wailea Sunset Luau. premium up front reserved seating and a fire dance. It is also more than $10.00 per person less expensive than the Old Lahaina Luau. 

Another alternative is the Kaanapali Sunset Luau at Black Rock. Please click here for information on the Kaanapali Sunset islandLuau. Rates are $83.00 per adult. Includes tax and gratuity.

Our reservation form uses SSL (Secure Socket Locator) technology for your protection.

One printed program momentoe of the evening is provided ... so, please fill out the reservation form with the names of each person in your party.

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The 2012 Rates: Adults $95.00, Children $64.68 ages 2 to 12. Infants not occupying a seat, no charge. Plus tax. Tip: Put the child in a stroller.

DAYS: Seven Nights per week Closed on December 25. Schedule may change. Please call 808-946-1000 for availability.

TIME: Lu'au grounds open for seating at 5:30. Seat location for each party is assigned by computer when reservation is made. Guests may choose, at the time of reservation, between traditional seating on mats and cushions directly in front of the stage, or at regular tables and chairs. It is important to make sure guests will be comfortable in the traditional seating area, as it is difficult to change after everyone has arrived. Hawaiian Mat Seating means you will be sitting on a cushion eating off a small 2 two foot table. You are closer to the show and stage. However, if you have a bad back or have difficulty sitting on the ground on a cushion... it is not recommended.

Starting October 1 to March 31, 2005 guests can check in between 5:15 and 5:30 p. m.. Guests may check-in at any after 5:00 pm to exchange confirmation number for seating cards and/or pay balance.

There is limited seating capacity, infants are complimentary in lap or stroller.

Location is at 1251 Front Street Behind the Lahaina Cannery Mall. There is free parking available.

ATTIRE: Casual, but festive (it's a Hawaiian party!)

BEVERAGES: Open premium bar, frozen tropicals, sodas, and tropical punch throughout evening.

FOOD: A bountiful luau buffet featuring local favorites and enough variety to satisfy everyone's palate. island

The Old Lahaina Lu'au takes great pride in presenting an authentic evening of traditional Hawaiian food, music and dance. Visitor and resident alike will appreciate an evening that reflects with taste and tradition the rich culture and history of the Hawaiian islands.

The unique setting for the luau was once the royal compound of the great kings of Hawaii. Guests relax under stately palms with a three island sunset view and the sailboats of the Lahaina roadstead as a backdrop.

This very spot was once reserved for Hawaiian royalty and their guests. Aloha Greeting: Guests are individually greeted with a fresh flower led, a tropical drink, and a souvenir program, and are escorted to their reserved seats. Professional photographers are available for photos (no obligation to purchase), as lei making and crafts are demonstrated. Imu Presentation: Guests may gather around as the Kalua pig is unearthed from the "imu", our traditional Hawaiian oven built at the water's edge.

We invite interested visitors to stop by the beach between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. to witness the heating of the special lava rocks and the burying of the pig on luau mornings. island

The Feast (Paine Ahi Ahi): Hosts and Hostesses are available to explain and assist guests in our buffet line. The bountiful buffet includes Kialua roast pork, Pulehu (grilled) sirloin steaks & chicken, mahi mahi, sweet potato, rice, a variety of salads & fresh fruits, banana bread and Hawaiian specialties such as poke, haupia, chicken long rice, and lomi lomi salmon. Dessert is served at the table. Every attempt has been made to make this a memorable evening for everyone. During dinner music is provided by our band, Nalu, along with our beautiful hula dancers. island

Entertainment: As the sun sets, it is time to start the evening's main entertainment. Our multi-talented ensemble will take our guests on a musical journey from "Old Hawaii" to the present time. We are proud to present Hula as it was meant to be performed, with love and reverence. The program is informative as well as entertaining. We begin with Kahiko (ancient) hula accompanied by chanting and ancient style instruments. As each era in Hawaiian history is touched upon, the guests will experience the mood and story of the times. Imaginative costumes, lively hula and beautiful song combine to create an evening filled with the magic and spirit of Aloha. E Komo Mai... island

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Limited Space.... so make your reservations early.

After you make your reservation you will sent a confirmation number.

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Some people make their reservation over 6 months in advance.
Phone Reservation: 808-946-1000 our fax number is 808-955-3612.
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