Historic Battery Randolph is the Home of the Army Museum

Our museum tells the story of the Army in Hawaii and the Pacific, the military history of  Hawaii and the contributions made by Hawaii's citizens to the nations defense.

                 Discover Hawaii's Military Heritage

The unique story told at Battery Randolph is the story told of Hawaii's military heritage. Stunning exhibits, from Koa wood canoes to World War II tanks chronicle the proud and often difficult struggle to preserve Hawaii's freedoms.

You can step back in time to discover how early Hawaiians defended their lands from attack. Learn how Hawaii became the stepping stone to the Pacific, and why Japan's second air attack on Hawaii in 1942 failed.

Experience life in wartime Honolulu, and see how the average resident coped with blackouts, rationing and fear of invasion. View combat arms from captured World War II swords to a Japanese battle tank.

Learn about the Hawaiian men of Japanese ancestry who had to overcome fear and prejudice to enlist in the Army after Pearl Harbor was attacked, and how they would "Go for broke" and become the most highly decorated and courageous fighters in World War II.

See how Hawaii's soldiers brought touches of Hawaii with them to the bitter cold battlefields of Korea.

Return to Vietnam aboard a troop transport and see how the American soldier had to adapt to jungle guerrilla warfare. Sit in the Barefoot Bar, a Vietnam era rest stop for the jungle weary GI on R&R in Waikiki, and watch the war on the nightly TV news.

Visit the Gallery of Heroes which honors the valor and sacrifice made by Hawaii's most highly decorated heroes.

Museum Hours

10 AM to 4:30 PM

Tuesday Through Sunday

Closed on Mondays, Christmas and New Year's Day

Free Admission - Donations Accepted

We are air conditioned. We also provide validated parking and have a gift shop. Call 808-438-2821 for more information. 

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